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Our Terms of Use Policy

This website is owned and operated by C2 Partners, Inc. You are permitted to store, display, analyze, modify, reformat, and print the information made available to you via these services only for your own use.

You are not permitted to publish, transmit, or otherwise reproduce this information, in whole or in part, in any format to any third party without the express written consent of C2 Partners, Inc. In addition, you are not permitted to alter, obscure, or remove any copyright, trademark or any other notice provided to you in connection with the information.

C2 Partners, Inc., reserves the right, at any time and from time to time, in the interests of its own editorial discretion and business judgment to add, modify, or remove any of the information.

These Terms of Use are not intended to, and will not, transfer or grant any rights in or to the information other than those which are specifically described herein, and all rights not expressly granted herein are reserved by C2 Partners, Inc. or the third party providers from whom C2 Partners, Inc., has obtained the information.

You are required to read and abide by any additional terms and conditions that may be posted on this website from time to time, concerning information obtained from specific third party providers. Such third party providers shall have no liability to you for monetary damages on account of the information provided to you via this website as C2 Partners, Inc., acts in relation to such third party providers solely as an information conduit.

C2 Partners, Inc., makes no warranty, express or implied, concerning this website and its services except as a part of a written agreement that may in the future be entered into between C2 Partners, Inc., and you. The services provided by us and our third party providers are on an "AS IS" basis at your sole risk, unless agreed to otherwise in writing by C2 Partners, Inc.

C2 Partners, Inc., expressly disclaims any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, including any warranty for the use or the results of the use of the representations made herein with respect to their correctness, quality, accuracy, completeness, reliability, performance, timeliness, or continued availability except for the information provided that explicitly applies to C2 Partners, Inc., its principals, employees or stated project.  In other words, C2 Partners, Inc., relies on information provided to it by third parties and, in such instances, C2 Partners, Inc., has made good faith efforts to verify the same, but does not warrant such in any way.

Neither C2 Partners, Inc., nor any of its third party providers shall have any responsibility to maintain the data and services described available on this website or to supply any corrections, updates, or releases in connection therewith.  Availability of data and services are subject to change without notice.


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